Progress report: illustration of a Common kingfisher

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A start on a Cinereous Aegypius monachchus and finished mallards

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Cinereous Aegypius monachchus

Mallard female male

A Mallard Pair

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I’m excited about this new commission of male and female mallards for a childhood friend! It is based on a pair that visited her pond last year and have special meaning for her.

Special offer! When you buy an original watercolor, you get 1 free postcard of your choice.

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New watercolor and ink illustrations (based on my “Birds of Reitdiephaven” nature sketchbook pages are now for sale.

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See my Originals, prints, and postcards for sale page for more details! All are 25 euros unless otherwise noted.


Yay. Six of my photographs of birds are for sale in the Reitdiephaven marina office!

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Two out of five New World vulture portraits finished.

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Update: I’ve just found out that there is a 6th New World vulture–the Yellow headed vulture (Cathartes melambrotus). So I’ll add that one to my series.

Be on the lookout for California, Andean, and King Condors coming up! Let me know if I forgot any 🙂