Yay. Six of my photographs of birds are for sale in the Reitdiephaven marina office!

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Two out of five New World vulture portraits finished.

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Update: I’ve just found out that there is a 6th New World vulture–the Yellow headed vulture (Cathartes melambrotus). So I’ll add that one to my series.

Be on the lookout for California, Andean, and King Condors coming up! Let me know if I forgot any 🙂

Female mallard, in progress

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Day XX+?: Finished female mallard. Her name is Mrs. Ultra Pibald. She is for sale. Watercolor and Micron pen, aproximately 7×4″

Day 2: Defining feathers more, added a little blue water, trying to get the subtle purplish beak just right

Day 1: I am starting this watercolor and pen illustration of a female mallard (based on my own photo) which will be included in my upcoming sale/exhibition (date to be determined). Check back to see progress updates!

Exhibition and sale coming up!

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My watercolor exhibition and sale is coming up in the spring at Reitdiephaven! I’m featuring watercolors based on my Nature Journal sketches of the birds of Reitdiephaven. Here are a few samples. Stay tuned for upcoming date!

I’m busy updating “Birds of Reitdiephaven” page (link below)

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“Birds of the Pacific Northwest”

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Belted Kingfisher Drops His Meal

Belted Kingfisher Drops His Meal

by UW Natural Science Illustration Class of 2013–14
Friday, April 3 – 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
UW Tower
4333 Brooklyn Ave NE, Seattle, Washington 98195

I’m trying to make flying squirrel faces look ominous (for an upcoming show. Impossible. No matter how mean I draw them, they still are so cute.

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