Exhibition and sale coming up!

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My watercolor exhibition and sale is coming up in the spring at Reitdiephaven! I’m featuring watercolors based on my Nature Journal sketches of the birds of Reitdiephaven. Here are a few samples. Stay tuned for upcoming date!

I’m busy updating “Birds of Reitdiephaven” page (link below)

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“Birds of the Pacific Northwest”

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Belted Kingfisher Drops His Meal

Belted Kingfisher Drops His Meal

by UW Natural Science Illustration Class of 2013–14
Friday, April 3 – 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
UW Tower
4333 Brooklyn Ave NE, Seattle, Washington 98195

I’m trying to make flying squirrel faces look ominous (for an upcoming show. Impossible. No matter how mean I draw them, they still are so cute.

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A fast September project

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Cynthia Hartwig "PowerPoint MakeOver"

I worked with Cynthia Hartwig (the amazing Art Director and Writer) http://twopens.com/ on her PowerPoint presentation about how to create a GOOD PowerPoint presentation.

I’m working on this project today

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A 20-product brochure for OrthoSolutions

I’m designing a 20-product brochure for OrthoSolutions, a Toronto-based company founded by Salhin Gheriani, that designs, manufactures and sells braces. I designed their logo and packaging last year, as well as sourced a photographer and art directed the product shoot in Toronto from Seattle. Upcoming projects will include an OrthoSolutions website.

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Today I’m closing my staging business, Seattle Staging Group, so I can focus entirely on Graphic Design.

One of my latest projects

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Creating PowerPoint and Data Sheet master templates for hawkeyeChannel Marketing, including making this cute little puzzle illustration.