Originals, prints, and postcards for sale

SPECIAL OFFER: You get 1 free postcard (of your choice) with every original sold!

Sage grouse original watercolor and black ink. Image size approximately 5×5.5″ (approximately 13x14cm). Price is 250 euros + shipping + sales tax from the Netherlands. No sales tax for buyers in the U.S.! If you would like it matted and/or framed, let me know.


Grebe on Nest A: original watercolor, based on my own photograph of a grebe in Reitdiephaven, Northern Netherlands. Double-matted and framed. Image size approximately 11.5cm square, frame is approximately 31cm square. 120 euros + sales tax (no sales tax for U.S. customers). Can be shipped internationally without the glass.


Set of six Birds of Reitdiephaven postcards, my original photography. 5 euros + sales tax + shipping from the Netherlands. (No sales tax for buyers in the U.S.!)


Commissions considered. Please contact me jody at jodymarx .com.

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